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what is Optical patch cords used to do

The single mode APC (angled polish connector) HLC (Hardened Lens Contact) patch cords with SCRATCHGUARD provide CATV and high-speed video applications a reliable network that will please their customers and improve customer retention.
Fiber Optical Patch Cords and Pigtails provide top quality connections to telecommunication rooms, data centers and at your desk. Meeting and exceeding standard ratings these fiber optic jumpers provide all the help you need to build yourself a reliable, low maintenance network.
Fiber Optic cabling is made with glass fibers. Provide very little variation in the signal they carry over long distances. The full potential speed fiber optic cabling can carry has not been reached even with Gigabit technology. These cables have greater bandwidth than electrical transmission through wires. Fiber Optic cabling is constructed of three concentric layers: The "core" is the central region of an optical fiber through which light is transmitted. Mode is a single electromagnetic field pattern that travels in fiber.

Optical transmission system
Subscriber loop
Test instrument

Operation Wavelength :1310nm&1550nm
Insertion :Grade "A"<0.10dB
Grade "B"<0.20dB
Return Loss:Grade "A"-50dB(-55dB)
Grade "B"-50dB(-55dB)
Operation Temperature:-40°C to 85°C
Storage Temperature:-55°C to 85°C
Cable Length :1∼by request