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The AMP LightCrimp Plus connectors

The AMP LightCrimp Plus connectors are one type of quick termination fiber optic connector which requires no epoxy and no polish as standard epoxy and polish fiber connectors.

The LightCrimp Plus connector has a pre-polished fiber stub in the connector body. It uses AMP's (Tyco Electronics) splice and crimp technology to make a quick and clean fiber termination with a simple mechanical process.

Unlike other quick termination fiber connectors, such as 3M Hot Melt connectors, AMP LightCrimp Plus connectors only require a few simple tools with limited technician training.

Since the connector requires no epoxy, no polish, no heat oven, no power outlet, no UV lamp, you can terminate a fiber cable in less a minute. This is a big productivity improvement compared to 3M Hot Melt connectors.

The AMP LightCrimp line has two connector types: LightCrimp and LightCrimp Plus. The LightCrimp line connector requires no epoxy but does require hand polishing. The LightCrimp Plus connector requires no epoxy and no polishing. So don't get confused.

Since the connector is factory polished, all you have to do is strip the fiber, cleave the fiber and crimp the connector. There is no set up time required and you get a more consistent, high quality endface finish. RG Coaxial Cable

This type of connector is very rugged too compared to other quick termination fiber connectors. It offers consistent crimp quality and long term stability and high performance on a par with that of standard epoxy and polish style connectors.

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