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F Connector Tv Boosters Manufacturers

You will find “F” series connectors primarily in antenna and television cable applications. It is the F connector that is most readily recognized by the general public when you speak of coaxial connectors. Standard F connectors have nominal 75 ohm impedance, working voltage rating of 500 VRMS, operate in the frequency range of DC to 1 GHz, and 38/32 coupling threads. Push-on versions are available, but they do not make secure connections. Newer wireless applications sometimes require “precision” F connectors which perform at higher frequencies and with truer impedance.

A compression connector is the key component for a trouble free F-connector system. It will enhance your ability to deliver flawless analog and digital signals. Using 360 degree compression, they deliver the highest performance termination. Through use of precision machining, compression connectors provide the ultimate weather-tight termination with unbeatable performance and reliability. Compression is truly the
best F-connection available today. Guaranteed to last 10 years! They will never come loose or need replacing.

"F" Connector Compression serie features

     User-friendly, pre-positioned and detachable coupled plastic sleeve
     360 degree radial compression provides superior RF performance and integrity, complete seal to the cable jacket to lock out moisture
     Moisture-proof through durability design and implementation of UV ozone-resistant EPDM o-rings
     Wide hexagon nut for ease of tightening
     Made of quality brass, nickel/ZN plated with iridescent chromate coating for maximum corrosion resistance
     Meet SCTE TP 013 moisture migration test
     Up to 1 GHz with excellent overall performance
     Unique ridge-patterned internal sleeve presses connector securely against cable jacket providing positive mechanical restraint
     RoHS compliant
     All facilities meet ISO 9002 standards

Ordering Information
Part Numbers Cable Type Color Code
Band width: DC~1GHz
Return Loss: > 25dB@1 GHz
Insertion Loss : <0.2dB@1GHz
Impedance: 75 Ohm
Temperature Range: -40~+60°C
RFI shielding: -70dB
Interface: Meet SCTE IPS SP 401

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Fax :0086-574-88454076
Post code:315191
Contact: Wilson