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Standard 1 GHz Outdoor Tap With Switch


The HT Standard 1GHz 2-Way, 4-Way & 8-Way outdoor taps have bulit into the housing which provides uninterrupted service when the tap plate is removed.

Bandwidth 5MHz to 1GHz
RFI Shielding >-110dB
Heavy duty power passing choke
Glass epoxy PCB(FR4-G10) with protective cover
90 degree swival blocks for easy installation
in aerial or pedestal applications
Color coded tap value label
Stainless steel hardware
Strip gauges on housing and heat shrink
ridges on 5/8-24 ports
Precision brass nickel plated "F" ports
Heavy duty power passing choke
Expoxy sealed "F" ports
Drip lips on "F" ports
Dual heavy-duty neoprene and wire
mesh gaskets for total protection
360 die cast aluminum housing & plate
that has been sealed & chromated
Interlocking tongue/groove housing and faceplate(excellent RFI isolation)
Tap swith installed in housing
100% Quality control at our factory
  • HT200A11
  • HT400A11
  • HT800A11

Tap Tolerance:+/-1.2dB from 4dB to 17dB and 0.5dB from 20dB to 29dB
Power Passing: 12Amps AC/DC, 60-90V
Hum Modulation: 5-10MHz @ >68dB, 11-400MHz @ >70dB, 400-450MHz@>68dB,450-550MHz @ >64dB, 750-1GHz>60dB
Physical Size: HT200A01&HT400A01 3.75"HX3.56LX2.50"H&HT800A01 3.75"WX5.31"LX2.50"H
Tap Switch(lns Loss/Ren Loss); 5-599MHz 0.3dB/44dB, 600-749MHz 0.4/18dB&750-1GHz 0.7dB/16dB,
RFI Shielding:>-110dB Tap Flatness:+/-0.5dB Operating Temperature: -40F to +140F 00=dB Value ie HT811A01=11dB

HT200A11 Ordering information
HT204A11 2-WAY TAP -4dB
HT208A11 2-WAY TAP -8dB
HT211A11 2-WAY TAP -11dB
HT214A11 2-WAY TAP -14dB
HT217A11 2-WAY TAP -17dB
HT220A11 2-WAY TAP -20dB
HT223A11 2-WAY TAP -23dB
HT226A11 2-WAY TAP -26dB
HT229A11 2-WAY TAP -29dB
HT232A11 2-WAY TAP -32dB
HT235A11 2-WAY TAP -35dB
HT400A11 Ordering information
HT408A11 4-WAY TAP -8dB
HT411A11 4-WAY TAP -11dB
HT414A11 4-WAY TAP -14dB
HT417A11 4-WAY TAP -17dB
HT420A11 4-WAY TAP -20dB
HT423A11 4-WAY TAP -23dB
HT426A11 4-WAY TAP -26dB
HT429A11 4-WAY TAP -29dB
HT432A11 4-WAY TAP -29dB
HT435A11 4-WAY TAP -35dB
HT800A11 Ordering information
HT811A11 8-WAY TAP -11dB
HT814A11 8-WAY TAP -14dB
HT817A11 8-WAY TAP -17dB
HT820A11 8-WAY TAP -20dB
HT823A11 8-WAY TAP -23dB
HT826A11 8-WAY TAP -26dB
HT829A11 8-WAY TAP -29dB
HT832A11 8-WAY TAP -32dB
HT435A11 8-WAY TAP -35dB
  • HT208B11
  • HT411B11
  • HT814B11

Traditional 1GHz Multi-Tap used when delicering video serv-ices. Faceplates are interchangeable
With HT204B01 series power extending faceplates.
5 MHz to 1GHz bandwidth capacity with low loss perfoemance
Aerial or pedestal installation with 5/8” port entr
1Kv blocking capacitor on the F-port protects the F-ports from power surges

EMI Shielding 100dB minimum
Power Rating 15 amps ac/dc,60-90 Volts,1-60 Hz
Hum Modulation@ 12amps65 Db minimum
Water Tight 15 PSI
Pedestal Port Spacing
2 and 4 Narrow Body,in.(cm)1.5(3.81)(Center to Center)
8-Way Wide Body,in.(cm)3.0(7.62)(Center to Center)
Physical Dimensions
Narrow Body (L x W x H) in. (cm)3.75 x 3.5 x2.5 (9.53 x 8.89 x 6.35)
Wide Body (L x W x H ) in. (cm) 4.5 x 5.25 2.25 (11.43 x 13.33 x 5.72)
Housing Closure Screws20-30 in./lbs.
Center Conductor Seizrn7-10 in./lbs.
Port Plugs10-15 in./lbs.
F-Ports30-4- in./lbs.

HT204B11 2-WAY TAP -4dB
HT208B11 2-WAY TAP -8dB
HT211B11 2-WAY TAP -11dB
HT214B11 2-WAY TAP -14dB
HT217B11 2-WAY TAP -17dB
HT220B11 2-WAY TAP -20dB
HT223B11 2-WAY TAP -23dB
HT226B11 2-WAY TAP -26dB
HT229B11 2-WAY TAP -29dB
HT232B11 2-WAY TAP -32dB
HT235B11 2-WAY TAP -35dB
HT408B11 4-WAY TAP -8dB
HT411B11 4-WAY TAP -11dB
HT414B11 4-WAY TAP -14dB
HT417B11 4-WAY TAP -17dB
HT420B11 4-WAY TAP -20dB
HT423B11 4-WAY TAP -23dB
HT426B11 4-WAY TAP -26dB
HT429B11 4-WAY TAP -29dB
HT432B11 4-WAY TAP -32dB
HT435B11 4-WAY TAP -35dB
HT811B11 8-WAY TAP -11dB
HT814B11 8-WAY TAP -14dB
HT817B11 8-WAY TAP -17dB
HT820B11 8-WAY TAP -20dB
HT823B11 8-WAY TAP -23dB
HT826B11 8-WAY TAP -26dB
HT829B11 8-WAY TAP -29dB
HT832B11 8-WAY TAP -32dB
HT835B11 8-WAY TAP -35dB