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RCA Connector
In the 1940s, RCA (Radio Corporation of America) designed them to cable a "phonograph" turntable to an amplifier (mono, not stereo) which are widely used to connect audio and video components now. They are found on every TV, DVD player, stereo amplifier, set-top box and countless other devices. Comprising two wires; an inner signal and an outer ground, RCA connectors are also known as "phono connectors."

Details :
Comprising two wires; an inner signal and an outer ground,RCA connectors are also known as "phono connectors."

  • One-piece brass design, eliminates lost or mismatched components
  • Plated Nickel providing excellent RF conductivity
  • Meet SCTE TP 013 moisture migration test
  • Up to 1GHz with excellent overall performance
  • RoHS compliant
  • All facilities meet ISO 9002 standards

Ordering Information
Part Numbers Cable Type Color Code
Band width: DC~1GHz
Return Loss: > 30dB
Temperature Range: -40~60°C
Impedance: 50 Ohms

  • Deal interface to adapt RG59 and RG6 cable connections
  • Single-piece design simplifies installation and assembly time
  • Sealed cable-to-connector interface protection
  • Unique ridge-patterned internal sleeve press nectar securely against cable jacket, provides mechanical restraint
  • Brass construction with 24K gold plating for corrosion resistance
  • High return loss and low insertion loss province unsurpassed performance
  • Internal radial compression ensures high RF1 performance
  • With RoHS standard
  • All facilities meet ISO 9002 standards.
  • Material : brass
  • Plating: 24K gold
  • Impedance: 50Ω
  • Return loss: -30dB
  • Insertion loss: 0.2dB
  • Temperature Range : -40~60 °C
  • RFI shielding: -70dB