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Electrical Specifications
Power lnserter
Frequency range
5 MHz to 1000 MHz
Frequency response,cable equivalent, all ports
Return loss,all ports
18 dB min.20 dB typ.
Hum modulation at 10 amps
70 dB avg.across passband
Power passing
20 A,60/90 V AC max.input port
15A,60/90 V AC max.output port

Splitters and Directional Couplers
Frequency range
5 MHz to 1000 MHz
Frequency response,cable equivalent,all ports
±0.35 dB
Return loss,all prots
18 dB min. 20 dB typ.
Tap loss,directional couplers
±1 dB
Hum modulation at 10 amps
70dB avg.across passband
Power Passing
15A,60/90 V AC,50/60 Hz
Mechabical Specifications
5.5 in, W x 4.5 in. H x 3 in.L
Bolt Torque Requirements
Centr conductor seizure
15 in-lb. to 20 in-lb.(1.7 Nm to 2.3 Nm)
Housing closure
50 in-lb. to 60 in-lb (5.6 Nm to 6.8 Nm)
Port plugs
50 in-lb to 60 in-lb (5.6 Nm to 6.8 Nm)
Connector pull-out
100 lb. min.


HT204A21 2-WAY SPLITTER -4.5dB
HT306A21 3-WAY SPLITTER -7.2dB
HT306A21 3-WAY SPLITTER -4.5/7.5dB
HT108A21 1-WAY TAP -8dB
HT112A21 1-WAY TAP -12dB
HT116A21 1-WAY TAP -16dB
HT120A21 1-WAY TAP -20dB
HT208A21 2-WAY TAP -8dB
HT212A21 2-WAY TAP -12dB
HT216A21 2-WAY TAP -16dB
HT220A21 2-WAY TAP -20dB

Optional 90 Volt surge protrction
Standard fuse holders provided for bus bar or fuses
Aerial or pedestal installation with 5/8port entry extensions
Cast-in strip gauge facilitates proper center conductor trim length

The Regal family of directional couplers and splitters offer a variety of options for
Diciding RF signal along multiple trunk and feeder lines. The Regal power inserter
Allows ac power to be added to the trunk and feeder lines for the purpose of powering
Active devices.

.Directional couplers,line splitters and power inserters available in 12 or 15 amp current capacity
.Higher current rating essential for central powering application and new telephony services
.Lmproced RF performance from 5 MHz to 1GHz
.Plated 360 aluminum housing with double polyurethane coating resists corrosion
Lnterlocking tongue-and-grooce housing prohibits ingress/egress providing excellent
EML isolation

Conical center conductor to guide feeder line installation Glass epoxy printed circuit board with premium components for superior RF performance

Water tight,sealed housing eliminates water damage stainless steel hardware
12amp Line Passives
Power Rating on RFPorts(RLDC,RLS,RPL)
Power Rating lnput(RPL)
Hum Modulation @ 12 amps 90 Volts
Over Voltage Threshold (Trigger Voltage)
(with SP)
Trigger Response (with SP)
Output Flatness
Hard Line Surge
Drop Line Surge
EMI Shielding
Water Tight
Line Connector Entry Specifications
Pedestal Port Spacing,in.(cm)
Physical Dimensions(L x W x H) in.(cm)
Torque Specifications
Operating Temperature Range

12 amp Line Passives
12 amps ac/dc,60-90 Volts,1-60 Hz
15 amps ac/dc,60-90 Volts,1-60 Hz
5-1000 MHz, 60 dB minimum,70 dB typical
Minimum:190 Volts,maximum 215 Volts
<200 ns (bi-directional voltage sensing)
40 amps (steady state),400 amps
(8.3 milliseconds)
75 ohms
6 kV@3kA
2 kV@1kA
100 dB,minimum
5/8×24 to SCTE Specification IPS-SP-500
3.0 (7.62) (center-to-center)
Housing closure screws:20-30 in./lbs.
-40 to 60°


HT204B21 2-WAY SPLITTER -4.5dB
HT306B21 3-WAY SPLITTER -7.2dB
HT306B21 3-WAY SPLITTER -4.5/7.5dB
HT108B21 1-WAY TAP -8dB
HT112B21 1-WAY TAP -12dB
HT116B21 1-WAY TAP -16dB
HT120B21 1-WAY TAP -20dB
HT208B21 2-WAY TAP -8dB
HT212B21 2-WAY TAP -12dB
HT216B21 2-WAY TAP -16dB
HT220B21 2-WAY TAP -20dB

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