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5-1000MHz P Series Indoor Couplers & Splitters

  • HT1014P
  • HT1214P
  • HT1416P
  • HT1617P


HT1012P 10-WAY Splitter -13dB
HT1212P 12-WAY Splitter -13dB
HT1214P 14-WAY Splitter -15dB
HT1616P 16-WAY Splitter -17dB

HT1016P 10-WAY TAP -16dB
HT1018P 10-WAY TAP -18dB
HT1020P 10-WAY TAP -20dB
HT1022P 10-WAY TAP -22dB
HT1024P 10-WAY TAP -24dB

HT1216P 12-WAY TAP -16dB
HT1218P 12-WAY TAP -18dB
HT1220P 12-WAY TAP -20dB
HT1222P 12-WAY TAP -22dB
HT1224P 12-WAY TAP -24dB

HT1418P 14-WAY TAP -18dB
HT1020P 14-WAY TAP -20dB
HT1022P 14-WAY TAP -22dB
HT1024P 14-WAY TAP -24dB
HT1026P 14-WAY TAP -26dB

HT1618P 16-WAY TAP -18dB
HT1620P 16-WAY TAP -20dB
HT1622P 16-WAY TAP -22dB
HT1624P 16-WAY TAP -24dB
HT1626P 16-WAY TAP -26dB

.5-1000MHz Bandwidth,120dB EMI
. Low insertion loss,High return loss and isolation
.Zine alloy die-cast housing,tin or nickel plated
.Solder back housings,machine threaded,flat F-ports,75Ω
.Capacitor at all ports provides effective DC voltage blocking
.Compliant with SCTE splitter guidelines